Eyemelt - Digital Comics

Eyemelt was SLG's download store where you the tree-loving consumer could download digital versions of our comics. While there was not enough business to justify having a separate download site we here at the mighty SLG, being the early adopters that we are, continue to support digital as a platform for our comics.

We currently sell our downloadable comics in three formats, all DRM free.

.PDF - This file format is best for desktop systems where the user does not want to purchase or download a specific kind of reader. Most desktop systems, regardless of platform have some sort of PDF reader. If not, Adobe Acrobat reader is free and available via download HERE.

.CBZ - If you are one of the legions of people who have been downloading .CBZ files via torrents (illegally) here is your opportunity to go legit. You can use whatever software you currently use to read your ill-gotten gains to read our .CBZ files.

.EPUB - If you own an iPad, you already have one of the best comic book readers in the world pre-installed in your system. The iBooks reader is an AMAZING comic book reader for properly formatted .ePub files. We test all of our ePubs files on an iPad2 using iBooks. You can double tap each page and zoom in for better legibility. Because our files are DRM free you can back them up using by plugging into your desktop computer and using iTunes to transfer the files to your desktop.

You will notice that many of our comics are free, in particular the first issues. We love that so many of you are sampling our products, but bandwidth costs being what they are none of this stuff is exactly 100% free of cost to us. So, if you are enjoying grabbing some of the great free books we are offering here, please consider leaving a little something in our digital tip jar.

  • Sanctuary Sanctuary
    Cute and creepy and mysterious comic book series by Stephen Coughlin.
  • Byron Byron
    Goth-clubbing goes awry for one poser. Written and Illustrated by Karl Christian Krumpholz.
  • Chumble Spuzz Chumble Spuzz
    From the creator of Axe Cop. Ethan Nicolle