Summer Schedule Update

4/22/2009 by JdG

Hi, everyone -- We've figured out our schedule for the rest of the year, though some tweaking is always possible. Here is the summer schedule, including the collections of our Disney titles! (Haunted Mansion is scheduled for November.)

A brief note, first -- Rex Libris Volume Two: Book of Monsters by James Turner has been delayed because there were printing errors in the first batch. Several pages printed very light, and while didn't affect the book's readability, we didn't want to release it like that. We're expecting a new printing in at the end of May, to be in stores the first half of June. Sorry for the delay!


Fat Chunk Volume 2: Zombies, edited by Jamie Smart
FAT CHUNK is a collaborative comic featuring a collection of different artists, each contributing work based on a theme. We find artists from all over the world, based in any discipline, from well-known comic names to fresh new webcomic talent, from influential street artists to custom toy designers, and throw them together to make one hefty and exciting comic book.

Captain Blood #1 by Matthew Shepherd and Michael Shoyket
All Peter Blood wanted was to be left alone. A doctor living in  17th century England, Blood spends his days tending to his patients and reminiscing about his time adventuring through Europe. Blood soon winds up on the wrong side of a rebellion and is sentenced to ten years of hard labor on the island of Barbados. Escaping slavery, Blood begins his career as a pirate and becomes one of the most famous pirates in the Caribbean as well as one of literature's best anti-heroes. Captain Blood is an adaptation of the Rafael Sabatini novel of the same name.

Tron: Ghost in the Machine by Landry Walker, Eric Jones, Louie De Martinis, and Michael Shoyket (tentatively scheduled -- the book is at the printer, it's just a matter of distribution details)
Collecting all six issues of the six issue series TRON, based on the classic movie and hit video game. Inspired by TRON, Disney’s groundbreaking science-fiction motion picture classic, TRON: GHOST IN THE MACHINE takes place in present day, over two decades after the events of the film. Jet Bradley, son of the original TRON programmer Alan Bradley, has recently escaped the computer world. But his experiences within cyberspace have left him emotionally scarred - vivid nightmares plague him, and he’s become paranoid and unstable. He shuns technology wherever possible, leaving him effectively crippled in the modern world. And now something within the computer world wants him back.


Gargoyles: Clan-Building Volume 2 by Greg Weisman, Greg Guler, et al

Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume Two collects issues 7-8 off the SLG/Disney Gargoyles series and combines it with the unpublished material scheduled for issues 9-12. Included is the fill-in issue #10 drawn by series character designer Greg Guler, making this a truly special book. This is a MUST for all fans of both the TV and comic book series.

Strange Eggs #3, edited by Chris Reilly
The Strange Eggs are making the jump to the big time. TV, Video Games, Cartoons, the works. In this issue we get several different takes on the brainstorming sessions where network executives cover every possible angle on the Strange Eggs. Every idea is considered, from the absurdly disturbing to the downright silly, creator’s as diverse as Jhonen Vasquez, Ben Towle and James Turner all try and save the most reviled kids’ show on the planet.

Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman by Thomas Boatwright and Ryan Rubio
Whenever innocent blood is spilled upon the sand of the American west, a foul wind blows in across the frontier! Fear not! For that foul stench belongs to ZEKE DEADWOOD: ZOMBIE LAWMAN. Created, drawn and co-written by award nominated artist Thomas Boatwright with Ryan Rubio (creators of Cemetery Blues) comes a classic western tale of Saturday matinee action with a healthy dose of B-movie horror. ZEKE DEADWOOD tells the story of a lone zombie out to clean up a small western town from a villainous band of outlaws. Can Zeke stop their drunken rampage of terror? Will the townsfolk even let themselves be saved by the undead? Find out this summer as Zeke Deadwood rides into a comic shop near you!


Bad Guys trade paperback by Greg Weisman and Karine Charlebois

Five of the toughest villains in the Gargoyles Universe: Hunter – member of a Scottish family of gargoyle-slayers; Dingo – Australian mercenary and charter member of the deadly Pack; Matrix – a nanotech hive-mind artificial intelligence that came very close to destroying the Earth; Yama – a Japanese gargoyle who betrayed his own clan, and Fang – the mutate who would be king. Take this quintet of felons and force them to work on the side of the angels.  It may be hard to believe, but these Bad Guys are the best hope we’ve got!  Gargoyles series creator Greg Weisman is the writer, with art by fan favorite Karine Charlebois and tones by fan favorite Stephanie Lostimolo.  Bad Guys: Time to fight fire with fire.

Ubu Bubu trade paperback by Jamie Smart
UBU BUBU KILL KILL KILL!! When an innocent cat is possessed by a brutal
malevolent daemon, they become UBU BUBU, reaper of human souls and destroyer of innocents! Turning an ordinary home into hell H.Q. and imprisoning the terrified kids who lived there, UBU BUBU begins his horrific rampage of slaughter and destruction under
the command of mysterious ringmaster Stig. This book collects the four issue Ubu Bubu mini-series by Bear creator Jamie Smar

The Warlord of Io #1 by James Turner
Continuing the Warlord of IO storyline from this Spring’s one-shot, James Turner (creator of Rex Libris) brings a new ongoing Io storyline. Emperor Zoz of Io has retired, leaving his slacker son Zing in charge of the Ion Empire. After initiating sweeping social reforms to impress his friend, Moxy Comet, Zing upsets the army by cutting the military budget to pay for them. The army launches an immediate coup and Genereal Grymak orders Zing arrested on charges of high treason...