Strongman Volume One

Strongman Volume One

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By Charles Soule and Alan Gladfelter



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Imagine the Dark Knight if Batman had been a Luchadore. Tigre, a masked Mexican wrestler, was huge in Mexico in the 70s – a crime-fighting movie star. These days, he’s 65 and drunk, living in Manhattan. When a beautiful woman begs him to stop an organ trafficking ring, the old warrior decides to take one last, epic shot at redemption.

Ships March 2009, click here to see a 10 page preview

Here is what people are saying about STRONGMAN

"The easiest thing to say about STRONGMAN is it has heart. But it does. It really does. First you start reading, then you start rooting, and’ll see."
Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis, JLA, Green Arrow)

"The whole thing is super sharp... I really, really dug it, and tore through it without stopping, in one sitting, while other graphic novels by famous comic book cats were piled all around me half-read."
Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier, BPRD 1946)

"I really, really dug this." and "I'd recommend it without hesitation!"
B. Clay Moore

"A well told story of redemption. Soule and Gladfelter pour their hearts into Strongman and it shows on every single page. Truly wonderful."
Jimmy Palmiotti

"Strongman is the perfect blending of the noir thriller with the classic Mexican Wrestler genre, mysterious, exciting, filled with action and heart. Excellent writing coupled with spectacular art, Soule and Gladfelter are two guys to follow. Whether you've seen El Santo fight the Wolfman, or don't even know what a bandejo is, this book is going to make damn sure you want to."
Joshua Fialkov

" The art and story compliment each other extremely well in this one. I know that good heroes never die and it looks like another Tigre adventure is coming soon. I, for one, am hopeful that subsequent volumes of STRONGMAN are as powerfully fun as this one."
Aint it cool

"this isn’t a wrestling story, but a superhero story masquerading as one. I liked this one and look forward to where they go with it." Comic Books

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