Some Submissions Questions to Ask

9/30/2009 by Jennifer de Guzman

Well, the two month hiatus on submissions is almost over! As I read through about 200 submissions, most of them electronic, there were a few recurring problems that I hope those of you who are planning to submit to us will try to avoid. So, before you send your submission, please ask yourself these questions:

1. Did I follow SLG's submission guidelines?
Having to send an email that says, "I cannot properly evaluate this project because it did not follow our submission guidelines" is a minor inconvenience. Having to send a score of them starts to be irking, especially since the time it takes to do this takes away from time I could spend looking at a submission that does follow our guidelines.

2. Is my graphic novel in color? Have I specified whether I would agree for it to be in black and white?
If you take a look at SLG's output for 2009 (and please do -- see below), you'll find that we published only two full-color graphic novels, and those were both Disney licensed titles. You should assume that we do not want color books. If you want to present some color art for us to consider, that's fine, but to be safe, you should think in black-and-white.

3. Does my project fit in with what SLG publishes?
While we do publish a diverse line of books, you'll find we do not publish bondage porn, 12-volume space opera epics, or traditional superhero comics. Please familiarize yourself with what we have most recently published, and do not rely on stereotypes that include the words "goth" or "Hot Topic."

4. Am I patient?
Please keep in mind when you submit that there is still about a four-month waiting time for a response.

Thank you!