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SLG at Comic-CON
Posted by Dan Vado on 6/23/2013 to Press Releases
Yes, it is that time of year again. Time for your annual vacation to Nerd Vegas, CA otherwise known as Comic-Con.

Stop by our booth and watch this space for announcements about people appearing, singing, doing handstands or what-have-you.

Confirmed artists appearing at the SLG Publishing booth so far are:

Jhonen Vasquez
Aaron Alexovich
Drew Rausch
Greg Weisman
Landry Walker
Jef Bambas
Justin Sane
Chris Wisnia
Chris Reilly

We will have some new stuff debuting at the convention including

Eldritch! Softcover collection by Alexovich and Rausch
Grubby Little Smudges of Filth hardcover by Daniel Reed 
Max Zing! Volume One by James Turner (collects the webcomic follow-up to Warlord of IO

Check out a special preview of Turner's new Miltonesque digital comic Rebel Angels

Bloody Dreadful Volume Two by Justin Sane

Plus a new t-shirt by Jhonen Vasquez which we will tease you with the image later.
eric joly Date 1/20/2014
hello Dan How can I contact U ? I am looking for 9781593620813 VBR Eric
Violet Date 5/9/2014
Will Roman Dirge be there? I read on his website he was gonna be there, but I don't see him confirmed here!
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