Peabody and D'Gorath

It is the latter end of the eighteen hundreds, an age where science and the occult blossom together in a terrifying way. Items of great otherworldly power lay scattered around the world and as warfare changes the learned and powerful look to these strange artifact to better their countries armaments.?

Cue Peabody & D'Gorath Britain?s foremost paranormal antiquarians. Taking on the assignments that are too weird and dangerous for the average tea sipping gentry they find themselves on the forefront of this paranormal arms race going toe to toe with esoteric beings and rival antique hunters all for Queen and Country!

Written and illustrated by MD Penman, PEabody & D'Gorath first saw light as a Zuda Comics series. SLG is proud to present this fun and exciting series!

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In Issue #1 Ill and forbidden things are abound in the mansion of Reginald Montgomber which is bad news for our heroes as they infiltrate his cultist meeting to secure an unassuming ring-shaped artefact of great importance! Will the presence of an old enemy of D’Gorath’s upset the mission? Let’s hope so otherwise the story wouldn’t be that interesting!

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