Monstrosis #6 - epub file (7MB)
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Monstrosis #6 - epub file (7MB)

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The sixth issue of Doris Danger’s hunt to prove giant, Kirby-style monsters exist.

IN THIS FINAL, BREATH-TAKING ISSUE! At last it can be revealed! The FBI’s notorious “freckle-hiding scheme”! “The Man From Somewhere” … unmasked! World’s greatest actor, Dirk Doole … commits suicide??! The abduction of Doris Danger! And at least TWO MORE THINGS! By CHRIS WISNIA, and featuring “all out war” pin-ups of giant monsters by industry greats DICK AYERS, SAM GLANZMAN, and JOHN SEVERIN!

“The giddiness of this stuff is contagious.” - Brian Azzarello

“…this isn’t cheap lampooning, this is well-conceived and executed comics with knock-out art and hilariously funny stories…” – Bruce Jones

This a downloadable file in epub format. This has been formatted to look best on an iPad using iBooks as the viewer. While it may indeed work well in other readers (Zen Reader HD being one of them) we recommend this for people using Apple's readers and devices on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. This epub file is NOT compatible with a Kindle. For comics properly formatted for Nooks visit the SLG digital section at the store.

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