Chumble Spuzz Nominated for Eisner Award

4/9/2009 by JdG

Dan, who has been Tweeter-in-Chief while I fulfill my civic duty, congratulated Ethan Nicolle for Chumble Spuzz being nominated for an Eisner in the Best Humor Publication category already, bu I'm going to expand on it, since I'm here today. First of all, I repeat the congratulations -- I had the honor of telling Ethan the news last week. Remember when I said you might be feeling a little silly if you've overlooked Chumble Spuzz? This is what I was alluding to.

The nomination covers both volume of Chumble Spuzz -- Kill the Devil and Pigeon Man, both of which are hilarious in a way that is sometimes subversive but mostly just crazy silly in the very best sense. (Jhonen Vasquez called it "brilliantly executed stupidity.") They were also critically acclaimed.

If your retailer doesn't carry Chumble Spuzz, ask them to -- you can say something that's a non-combative version of "Hey, what kind of store doesn't carry an Eisner-Award-nominated book, huh?!" But if you don't change that wording and end up getting kicked out, you can always try our website or

- JdG