Captain Blood Preview

3/23/2009 by Dan Vado

A trailer for for the upcoming SLG Publishing series Captain Blood, based on the classic novel of the same name.

Written by Matthew Shepherd (Dead Eyes Open) and illustrated by Mike Shoyket (Tron).
This summer the Caribbean runs red with blood, Captain Blood as SLG Publishing, the company that brought you Tron, Wonderland and Haunted Mansion turns it's attention to the coolest pirate story of all time; Captain Blood, His Oddyssey.

All Peter Blood wanted was to be left alone. A doctor living in 17th century England, Blood spends his days tending to his patients and reminiscing about his time adventuring through Europe. Blood soon winds up on the wrong side of a rebellion and is sentenced to ten years of hard labor on the island of Barbados. Escaping slavery, Blood begins his career as a pirate and becomes one of the most famous Pirates in the Caribbean as well as one of literature's best anti-heroes. Captain Blood’s Odyssey is an adaptation of the Rafael Sabatini novel of the same name. Later adapted into the 1935 movie starring Errol Flynn, the 1922 book was a smash hit and launched numerous sequels. Adapted for the first time to comic book form, Captain Blood’s Odyssey is a very faithful adaptation of the popular novel.

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