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Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing was founded by Dan Vado in 1986 and over its twenty year history has remained true to its roots as a publisher of great diversity. The first publisher of such notable comic book artists as Evan Dorkin, Andi Watson and Jhonen Vasquez, SLG has been known to be on the forefront of discovering and fostering new talent in the comics industry. We seek out and publish comics that are fun, smart, and fresh and that offer a different perspective from what you'll find anywhere else. SLG is often the "first choice" of new artists looking to break into the industry and because of this, SLG books offer readers the opportunity to not only read entertaining stories told with excellent artwork but to encounter new voices and talents.

With classic titles like It's Science with Dr. Radium by Scott Saavedra and Skeleton Key by Andi Watson, seminal works like Milk and Cheese and Dork by Evan Dorkin, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez and Lenore by Roman Dirge, and innovative new comics like Emo Boy by Steve Emond and Rex Libris by James Turner, SLG has proven its dedication to showcasing work that does not conform to easily defined types, genres or expectations.

Brands & Imprints

Monkey Fun Toys - Toys and collectors' items based on SLG comics.

Club Tiki Press - Drink and art books celebrating tiki pop-culture of the past and present.

Amaze Ink Comics - All-ages comics.